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Produktion einer Fingerschiene


  • precise manufacturing and suitable materials for a reliable and fast healing success is a top priority at Ruck MedicalTec
  • medically sophisticated and well-engineered, medical products from Ruck MedicalTec bear the CE marking as well as all other markings according to the European medical device law, MDR.
  • Quality made in Germany
Kind mit Fingerschiene


  • The combination of length and width results in countless size variations.
    This allows, for example, short and puffy or slender and small fingers to be fitted precisely.
  • Soft pads made of skin-friendly PE foam ensure the greatest possible wearing comfort.

Finger Splints

The treatment of contracted finger joints with quenching splints requires expertise.
Whether dynamic or static-progressive mobilization should be used depends on the respective indication as well as the traction to be set and the wearing duration of the orthosis. In order to avoid complications, the prescription of an orthotic should therefore always be based on a medical diagnosis and the fitting should be carried out by a medical or orthopaedic specialist. A physio-, ergo- or hand-therapeutic consultation and monitoring of the healing process would be ideal. We will be happy to help you find suitable specialist companies.

Mobilization by quenching
Postoperative or conservative extension and flexion deficits, as well as the preservation of mobility after successful surgery, often necessitate mobility support in the finger joints.
The quenching has a supporting effect in the direction of extension or flexion of the affected joint.
Dynamische Mobilisierung

Dynamic mobilization

An elastic tension element (spring) supports mobilization. A permanent tension is applied, which can be reduced or increased with the aid of a toggle or forceps. If the spring tension is adjusted as needed, the orthosis becomes a tolerable aid that can be used inconspicuously in everyday life, in contrast to the bulky, often high superstructures of a static-progressive variant.

Dynamische Mobilisierung

static-progressive mobilization

In contrast to an elastic tension element (spring), a rigid tension (threaded rod) is used for quenching. The finely adjustable tension is suitable, for example, for old, stubborn contractures by adjusting and fixing the maximum adjustable joint end position. In contrast, a lightly adjusted tension can be used to gently stretch the connective tissue over a long period of time. The advantage of static-progressive quenching is the fine adjustability of the finger orthosis, which can also be used to treat contractures that are difficult to treat.

available in the shop

PIP Finger splints

PIP Extension | dynamic
PIP Extension | static-progressive
PIP Flexion | dynamic
PIP Flexion | static-progressive
PIP Extension/Flexion | active
PIP Extenion/Flexion | active, limitable

DIP Fingerorthesen

DIP Extension/Flexion | active
DIP Extenion/Flexion | active, limitable
DIP Extension | dynamic
DIP Extension | static
DIP Extension | static-progressive
DIP Flexion | dynamic
DIP Flexion | static-progressive

MCP Finger splints

MCP Extension | dynamic

Tools | Accessories

special flat-nose pliers
set with 2 joints and centering rod

Treatment for more fingers

MCP and PIP and DIP Extension | dynamic
MCP and PIP Extension | dynamic
PIP and DIP Flexion | dynamic
PIP and DIP Flexion | static-progressive

Accessories for foot splints


available in the shop

small guide rails, for talipes equinus orthosis located inside the shoe
simple joints
snap-locks with matching hinges
variable splints for abduction orthosis
foot splints for club-foot and pes adductus

Accessories for corsets


available in the shop

fixing clasps for corsets and orthoses
guide rail for corsets and orthoses
perforated rails for a subsequent adjustment of the corset
Reclining stays for corsets and orthoses
stabilization set
Hinges for corsets and orthoses
stiffening pelvis and trunk rod

Velcro straps and pads for orthotics


available in the shop

ready-made velcro fastening straps/ loops
comfort movable pads

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